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    Media Thread

    Hello folks

    with due permission from the moderator I would like to start a thread where members can post videos, songs, presentations they feel inspirational and worth sharing with others. Would request if they could post few lines about what they are posting

    I 'am sharing few of the videos i believe are very effective and have had profound effect on me.

    1. Meaning of gayatri mantra - Highly recommended

    wonderful description of the mantra giving explanation of gayatri mantra.describes how chanting creates ripples through the universe and the energy bounces back to you many folds.

    I could never meditate on the mantra before i listened to this and now i dont even realise but i continue to chant following the explanation for a lot of time.

    2. The chant of Om

    the video just contains continous chanting of Om. very soothing and will immediately push you into realm of deep meditation.worked for me, someone who has an attention span of a squirrel, so should work for most of the members.

    3. Bhajan/Shabad - Jo mange thakur apne se

    Wonderful punjabi bhajan which goes along the lines whatever you ask from your lord, it will happen just like that. Apologies that the bhajan is in language most will not understand so posting its meaning along.

    Jo mange thakur apne te,
    soi soi deve (repeat)

    The Lord gives whatever is asked from Him.

    Chatur disa kino bal apna, sir upar kar dhareyo (repeat)
    Kirpa katakh avalokan kino, das ka dukh bidaryo (repeat)

    He has spread His power in the four directions, and has put His hand on my head. Looking with gracious eyes, He has removed the pain of His servant.

    Harijan rakhe Guru Govind, rakhe Guru Govind (repeat)
    Kanth lae avguna gab mete, dyal purakh bakshind (repeat)

    Master, who is the Lord, protects His people Himself.
    Removing all the bad qualities, the Compassionate and Forgiving
    One embraces (me).

    Jo mange Thakur apne te, soi soi deve (repeat)
    Nanak das mukh te jo bole, iha uha sach hove (repeat)

    The Lord gives whatever is asked from Him.
    Whatever Nanak, the servant, speaks from H is mouth becomes true here and hereafter.

    If anybody is keen, i have the above in mp3 format too.if members request, i can post them too here.


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    Re: Media Thread

    Suraj ki Garmi Se from film Parinay sung by sharma bandhu.

    Its a Ram Bhanajn. an absolute must. have been fascinated by this song since childhood.

    the quality is low but i wanted to link original.


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