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Thread: Movies based on the Hindu epics and stories?

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    Re: Movies based on the Hindu epics and stories?

    the Baldev Raj Chopra Mahabharat is the best representation of the epics for me

    the title song still gives me goosebumps! i loved the series!

    Its quite long (some 90+ episodes i think) but its really good!!!

    the introduction of each episode by "time" (samay) is awesome!

    graphics wise its not fantastic, but it was filmed in 1988 so it can be forgiven

    great series!

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    Re: Movies based on the Hindu epics and stories?

    I'm hoping because it's so early, that this is just a rumor, because I don't like the sound of it at all:

    "Buried in its lengthy slate of movies through 2016, Dreamworks Animation announced earlier this month that it will release an animated movie based on the Ramayana — but told from the point of view of “the monkeys.”"

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    Question Re: Movies based on the Hindu epics and stories?

    I think that this is a great thread. I searched through IMDB and came up with a vast number of movies listed as touching on Hinduism.

    On Netflix, Kahi Suni has a series on Hindu stories, and Episode 23 or 24 deals with Dwarka and the story of Krishna. Here is a trailer:

    There is also an older movie called Hanuman, from 1998:

    The BBC ran a documentary called Treasures of the Indus 3: Of Gods and Men . It focuses on Hinduism. I saw the first half and it was at least OK. Of course, the media (like BBC) does not always get everything right.

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