"Why should I work?"

Wonderful question! In Gita, Sri Bhagwan Krsna tells Arjuna "O Arjuna, be ye a Yogi!"

My Guruji has taught me that Gita is unlike any other scripture on earth because it address' humanity on every level and for every need. On the surface and at the physical level Gita expresses the need for man to work, indeed. For Sri Krsna says, "Even if I were to cease my work so too would all men follow my lead, causing the destruction of all" and "Even the bare maintenance of the body is not possible if one commits himself to inaction."

As He goes on in Gita, Sri Bhagwan declares the importance of Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga and their physical application and merit. On a subtle level however, the statement "O Arjuna, be ye a Yogi!" bares great weight and knowledge. Guruji says for one of awakened mind the message of all the scriptures is contained in the first chapter of the Gita, culminating in this single statement.

Jnana Yoga: Yoga of right knowledge; of Purusha, Krsna, Brahman. By "right knowledge" we mean understanding of the nature of Reality as it is not as it is perceived to be. As Sri Bhagwan says, all actions are in reality the Gunas busying themselves in action with themselves. You are the "Observer" of action rather than the "Doer". This is Jnana!

Bhakti Yoga: Yoga of right surrender/devotion; to Purusha, Krsna, Brahman. By "right surrender/devotion" we mean utter and complete surrender/devotion with knowledge that "I" am not the "Doer" of action rather an "Observer". If I am not the doer then who is? Sri Bhagwan says action is the Gunas interacting with the Gunas. The Gunas of Prakriti are the qualities of Prakriti, and Prakriti is Purusha in action through Yoga Maya. Therefore, the ONLY "Doer" of action is Purusha/Krsna/Brahman. Sri Bhagwan says "In the begining the Prajapati created man together with sacrifice." This sacrifice is the act of creation where Purusha sacrifices Purusha into Prakriti to create the universe. So if I am only an "Observer" of this sacrifice (Bhakti) and it is Purusha making the sacrifice then this is the Jnana Yoga that brings fruit to Bhakti Yoga... But what is this Bhakti if I am not the offerer of Puja?

Karma Yoga: Yoga of right action; devoted to Purusha/Krsna/Brahman. By "right action" we mean action done with both right knowledge and right devotion. If I am not the "Doer" of any action but I am commanded to right action then how is this possible? It is said that action is of three fold as are the Gunas. Sattva action leads to the accumulation of Sattva Karma. Tama action leads to the accumulation of tama karma. ALL action is rajas and leads to the accumulation of raja (worldly) karma. The fruit of sattva is the 7 upper regions, the fruit of tamas is the 7 lower regions, the fruit of rajas is the 7 middle regions and the fruit of karma in general is continuation in the cycle of birth and death!

Raja Yoga: "Royal/Highest" Yoga is the destruction of binding karmas by the application of Jnana and Bhakti Yoga to Karma Yoga. I am not the "Doer" of action, Purusha is! By this knowledge we relinquish the fruit of action (karma) to itself and free ourselves from the bond of karma. The bond is broken because with this right understanding of the nature of Reality as it is ALL actions become Bhakti! Purusha's action are all bhakti because all actions of Purusha are done as sacrifice! EVERY action!!! If everything in the universe is an act of sacrifice then all things in the universe are constantly engaged in sacrifice because it is Purusha that is sacrificed to Purusha to create all things. All things are Purusha diluted by the ignorance of ego individuality caused by the experience of Yoga Maya. When I say "I" am not the Doer it comes from the same place as when I say "I" am the Doer... the ego. Through this Raja Yoga we come to greater understanding of the "I" which is my nature rather than my ego. From this point we come to the understanding that though the "I" (ego) is not the Doer, "I" (Purusha) am the Doer of all action. If this is so then Yoga is my very nature. I dont posses Jnana, dont perform Karma, dont observe Bhakti. I am Jnana, Karma and Bhakti!

"Why should I work?"

because if you "ceased to work so too would all men follow your lead, causing the destruction of all"...

because it is your nature to work! Therefore perform all that is in your nature with that which is in your nature to do so. Perform all worldly activity with mind set in Jnana, heart fixed in Bhakti, intentions set on destruction of Karma, for the benefit of all, in devotion to Brahman. Then we will attain Raja Yoga, the Supreme Science of Union with the Divine Brahman (Reality as it is and not as it appears to be.)

Isha Upanishad declares,

"The Lord is enshrined in the hearts of all,
The Lord is the Supreme Reality,
Rejoice in Him through renunciation,
Covet nothing, all belongs to the Lord,
Thus working may you live 100 years,
Thus alone, may you work in true freedom."