brahma varma mamAntaram ~ Rig Veda 6.75.19

Brahman is the best armour, protecting me from within
He subjects each one of us to the other variously, in this way He subjects us all to Him through each other, can you find something whose strength is effective against all things equally? can you find something whose strength does not have a weakness someway? each thing is weak to something else in someway, finding strength outside of yourself (from any apart from God) by acquiring something will expose you to a new vulnerability, the strength built through a single thing means a dependence on that thing, God is the only being to seek strength from anytime, anywhere and He will never fail and never falter, He is accessible always and He is Perfect, Free from all flaws, and nothing can stand against Him

When I am weak and need help, I can be anywhere and at anytime, and have nothing at all within my reach to my aid, and be surrounded by all things that I cannot stand against, in the face of all adversity should God choose to grant me protection over other things, it means this shield is given to me, and the thing by which I seek God's protection is something that cannot be destroyed by anyone externally, for all sheaths of me can be destroyed one after another, but there is a part of me which no one can touch, and that is the core of my being, and that is that by which I connect to God, in hope and trust.