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Thread: Google Earth

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    Google Earth

    This may be a common resource but if not:

    It is a free download.

    In my early twenties I was taught a meditation starting from visual perspective of this heart to grow to world view. I could see everything. All the laughing, the tears, the hunger, everything through this meditation. So grateful for this.
    Years later, Google Earth. Truly, wow!. As example and for this particular evening, not meaning to exclude anyone dear to me, but for this particular night this resource helps with prayers. In brings back this meditation in new perspective with Sanatana Dharma. I am not a world traveler but now I can kind of visualize Saidevo for my prayers coming home from train in India, Believer, Sm78, and first person to admonish me (which I hold dear), Anirvan in beautiful new life with wife, all in India. I can picture Pietro in Brazil, Yajvan in the mountains, my fellow Appalachian, NayaSurya not feeling well but hustling after her dear ones even now, Mana in France or wherever he may go , my dear Sunyata in Ireland typing a post to encourage us all, Sahasranama, studying so hard in University, the person who posted something to me I will always be grateful for, TatTvamAsi in Cali, Satay driving with family and acting as protector, Indraneela managing a play and writing such a meaningful post for us all, Eastern Mind with his family visiting and working at Temple, ....... I wish blessings to you all and hope this resource may at least be some enjoyment if not more.

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    Re: Google Earth

    namaste FFTW.

    GE covers only select cities with photographic/videographic browsing, which is rather slow in Chennai, India. I like their giving a walk-path and car-path map between two places. With growing technology, Google in might in future even get to hear our giggles! Remember the film 'The Blue Thunder'?
    रत्नाकरधौतपदां हिमालयकिरीटिनीम् ।
    ब्रह्मराजर्षिररत्नाढ्यां वन्दे भारतमातरम् ॥

    To her whose feet are washed by the ocean, who wears the Himalayas as her crown, and is adorned with the gems of rishis and kings, to Mother India, do I bow down in respect.

    --viShNu purANam

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    Re: Google Earth

    Vannakkam: FFTW, I agree. My particular favorite is the street view. You can see what the street is like outside temples, etc. at least from where they have done it. I like to return to places like Tiruchendur and Palani where I've been and was lost directionally. I get a better sense of where everything was that way. For long driving trips, google maps make planning so easy, except that some of their distances abnd estimated driving times are way way off.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Google Earth

    Very sweet thougts<3

    I do this in my mind much of the time. In my experience I feel we are all very very much closer than we appear. So a trip to see you in but a second of meditation. Moving through Beloved's Universe.

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