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Thread: Chanting versus meditation

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    Re: Chanting versus meditation

    Yes. Basically, due to the spiritual journey itself -- where chanting may be just one limb of it -- the I (the ego) gets lessened.
    You are not interested in mundane and not running towards anything mundane, as the interest is more on the real that is already giving the results
    you do not seek a social support from others in terms of approval, appreciation, even acknowledgement --- so no differences arise with others
    you do not want to do something that BhagavAn will not approve, want to do the right thing for the sake of the right thing, not for some candy, and sometimes not even to please the Lord.
    You care about the society, environment, others -- you will automatically keep it greener and cleaner. Its about your conscience
    you do not want to go anywhere or come anywhere

    You are a harmless quiet being who does not affect anyone, and if at all, pray for and work towards the upliftment of yourself and others

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    Re: Chanting versus meditation

    Hare Krishna,
    I have a question regarding meditation. I'm practicing only japa chanting, sometimes I do some pranayama to calm my mind, but I would really love to have some meditative practise besides. As I don't know devotees who meditate in this way and I don't have a guru, where do I get advices on how to meditate and on what?
    If any of you could help, I'd appreciate it.

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