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Thread: Item Girls and Kalki

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    Item Girls and Kalki

    Now even I think this has gone too far and this are type of events that traditionalists should be really ashamed of, not M f hussain's few paintings or tattoos. It also shows the rot is within and erecting external straw men to defend Hinduism is not working....but perhaps the organizers and saints were just trying to keep up with the changing times.

    In a flagrant breach of traditions, a religious gathering meant to receive blessings of the godmen amid the spirit-inducing Bhajans, turned out to be an obscene entertainment Thursday with item girls gyrating for Bollywood numbers.

    Indeed, devotees at the “Kalki Yagna Mahotsav”, a famous religious festival organised after Deepawali in Uttar Pradesh’s Bhimnagar district (400 km from Lucknow), were seen leaving the gathering in disgust even as the younger lot were thoroughly entertained by item girls like Shefali Zariwala, who danced for songs like “Sheila ki jawani” and “Munni badnam hui.” The mainly elderly and women devotees were also shocked to see the saints and sadhus not raising their voices against the programme.

    Sadhus, in fact, were seen dancing with the item girls, apparently under the influence of ganja', which is particularly popular amongst Naga Sadhus.

    “It happened for the first time at the mahotsava...the traditions were shattered,” eyewitnesses said, expressing surprise and shock over the meek acceptance of the violation by the godmen. ..........................
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    Re: Item Girls and Kalki

    Vannakkam sm78: I totally agree with you. But what is the solution? The youth are too smart to accept, "It's wrong." We need a better explanation that that. Very few people, even the elders know why, or can explain it. Some are too 'hung up' to even talk about it.

    The moral teachings are put across this way, "Don't do this. Don't do that. That's not acceptable. That's plain wrong." Then they themselves turn on the TV and switch to Bollywood.

    In other less peaceful cultures, the breaking of such laws are called sin, and some are punishable by death. I don't think Hinduism needs or wants to go there.

    Personally, I believe open honest talk about how such behaviours lead away from God on many levels is necessary. That and providing 'cleaner' alternatives.

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    Re: Item Girls and Kalki

    Quote Originally Posted by sm78 View Post
    .but perhaps the organizers and saints were just trying to keep up with the changing times.
    There were no saints. They were fakes who were camouflaging their ugliness in the garb of saints.

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