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Thread: Vishnu Sahasranama Mantra (From Padma Purana)

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    Re: Vishnu Sahasranama Mantra (From Padma Purana)

    Quote Originally Posted by R Gitananda View Post

    I would be grateful to anyone who could post or link to a pronunciation guide for this.

    Thank you kindly.

    Hari Aum
    Hari Om

    There is a version of this video in slow-motion as well - apt for those learning to pronounce, memorize and learn the Stotra.


    To all interested,
    This is a page that has a downloadable PDF version of a rare book by Adi Shankaracharya explaining VishNu SahasranAma that, a few years ago had to be ordered from Chennai.
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    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: Vishnu Sahasranama Mantra (From Padma Purana)

    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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