I am sure that very few people outside Kerala would have known about a Temple is there for Sri Bharatha in Kerala. But, I have read about this Temple in some Magazines before. So I was particular to visit Koodalmanickyam this time when we took a Pilgrimage to Guruvayur and other Temples in Trissur District.

We drove to Koodalmanicyam from Trissur after visiting the famous Vadakkunathan Temple there. It was just 21 Kms. drive from Trissur. The road was good. We reached Irinjalakkuda by about 10.45 AM . This town I am told is known for its clenliness in Kerala. I agree fully with that statement. Seems to be a prosperous place with lot of shops and good market area, filledup with all the modern things.

Koodalmanickyam Temple is situated in the western part of the Town, walkable distance from the main Bus stand. The Temple wecomes you with its impressive eastern Gopuram (gate way) built in Kerala style. But only when you enter the gateway you understand hugeness of the Temple . It is a Magnificient Temple, situated inside Ten acres site with compound walls built all around. It has an outer quadrangle. And the Sanctum-sanctorum (Garbagruha) of Main Temple is a huge round shaped structure under a conical Gopuram covered by copper plates. The six foot Kalasa (called Tazhikakudam in malayalam) on the top adds to the majesty of the gopuram.
This Temple is very old. "The earliest historical reference to Koodalmanikyam Temple is found in a stone inscription attributed to the Chera king Stanu Ravi Varman dated 854 A.D, who has donating vast extents of land for the Temple. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that the Temple must have been in existence for quite some time before this date and that even then Koodalmanickyam was occupying a place of importance among the temples of Kerala".

This Temple is known for its art and architectural beauty. There are old paintings (murals!) on the walls. There are precious wood and stone carvings on the walls and pillars. We were there after mid-day Pooja. We could see Huge" Uruli" type of old bellmetal containers full of "Payasam" and other prasadams being sent out for distribution which were offered to the main and only diety Sri Bharathalwar.

There is vast area of open space for Elephants and for conducting various Temple Arts like Kathakali and Koothus in the Temple.There is a big Tank within the Temple. This Temple is really great. I would request the readers not to miss this place when they visit Guruvayur or Trissur.