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Thread: Evidence that it came from India?

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    Re: Evidence that it came from India?

    Hari Om


    Jalpa or masochism?

    In context of post, think so much wisdom is JaiMaaDurga's last sentence.

    Om Shanti.

    Jai Jai Hanuman!


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    Re: Evidence that it came from India?

    Ancient Aliens?? rofl i downloaded all episodes of all three seasons but the more i watched the more it gets annoying and stupid. especially when it comes to India. you would imagine for "experts" to decipher Indian texts and their meaning, everytime ,they were showing sanskrit writing upside down or showing some other script instead of sanskrit.

    and the extreme bias of everything happened in middle east i.e egypt or sumeria. that show has an intended message to shape history and events in a certain way. i do believe some of what they show has some merit but most times they just are speculating like kids

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    Re: Evidence that it came from India?

    There is a conspiracy theroy behind the hole aganda of alien shows and movies etc, this year has nothing but UFO and aliens on our screens. Hopfuly this conspiracy won't happen. Hence lol... The 3 day darkness never came on oct 23rd so yea... Lol >_>
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