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Thread: No such thing as moderate Islam

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    No such thing as moderate Islam

    The West is slowly waking up to pretty much what everyone [non-Muslims mostly and now a growing number of ex-Muslims] has known since the birth of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    There is no such thing as moderate Islam. Story here.

    Paris - A French minister said there was no such thing as moderate Islam, calling recent election successes by Islamic parties in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia "worrying" in an interview published on Saturday.

    Jeannette Bougrab, a junior minister with responsibility for youth, told Le Parisien newspaper that legislation based on Islamic sharia law "inevitably" imposed restrictions on rights and freedoms.

    Bougrab is of Algerian origin and her father fought on the French colonial side during Algeria's war of independence, and said she was speaking as "a French woman of Arab origin".

    "It's very worrying," she was quoted as saying. "I don't know of any moderate [Muslim]."

    "There are no half measures with sharia," she added.

    "I am a lawyer and you can make all the theological, literal or fundamental interpretations of it that you like but law based on sharia is inevitably a restriction on freedom, especially freedom of conscience."

    She was reacting to electoral successes scored by the Ennahda party in Tunisia, the Justice and Development Party in Morocco and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

    French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has called for dialogue with such parties as long as they respect certain criteria, including the rule of law and women's rights.

    Bougrab conceded that ousted Tunisian and Egyptian rulers Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak had used the Islamist "threat" to win backing from Western countries, but she added, "We shouldn't go to the other extreme."

    And she hit out at the 30% of Tunisians living in France who had voted for Ennahda in last month's polls.

    "I am shocked that those who have rights and freedoms here gave their votes to a religious party," she said.
    Will Indians ever remove their head from the sand about Islam?

  2. Re: No such thing as moderate Islam

    There was never anything like moderate Islam, even now after the fall of Dictators in Islamic nations, only pro sharia parties establishing rule through the 'democratic' elections.
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    Re: No such thing as moderate Islam

    Ethnic cleansing of Hindus on rise in Bangladesh
    Express News ServiceLast Updated : 26 Feb 2012 10:10:22 AM IST
    HYDERABAD: A missing population of49 million religious minorities over 64 years has been the elephant in the roomBangladesh and its neighbours choose to ignore. Calling it a case of ethniccleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus, US-based human rights activist Dr. RichardBenkin has worked hard to expose the Red-Green alliance of communists andradical Islamists in South East Asia. “During its first year in office when theAwami League party came into power in 2007, the cases of violence againstBangladeshi Hindus averaged at one attack per week during. Till 2010-2011, itcontinues to be one anti-Hindu case every three days,” observes Benkin whoaddressed students at the Osmania University Centre for International Programmehere and later at the Madabhushi Ananthasayanam Institute of Public Affairs inTirupati. Stating that Hindus who were one third of East Pakistan’s populationat the time of partition of India in 1947 had dwindled to 9 per cent in 1971when Bangladesh was created and further down to 7 per cent of the currentpopulation.

    Known better for securing therelease of Bangladeshi journalist and editor of The Weekly Blitz, Salah UddinShoaib Choudhury, in 2006 due to his pro-Zionist comments and criticism of riseof radical Islam in Bangladesh, Benkin currently works with the BangladeshiHindu refugees in India. “These refugees, who have settled in various parts ofWest Bengal, Assam and in transit camps in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, are notofficially identified and since they do not receive any aid, they are usuallysquatters who scrimp for a living,” says Benkin. The driving force for theexodus are chiefly the ‘government-tolerated’ cases of rape, arson, murder,deliberate religious desecration and forced conversions of the Hindus inBangladesh. “It is not just the radical Islamists who lead the attacks. Thereluctance of the Bangladeshi government to take cognizance of the crime andinitiate criminal proceedings against the perpetrators has resulted in increasein local attacks. The Vested Property Act that gives the government power todistribute the land of religious minorities among its people once they flee thecountry threatened by terror has led to forced and violent eviction of Hindusby their Muslim neighbours. The economic engine drives the ethnic cleansing,”observes the human rights activist.

    India’s reluctance to speak upagainst the atrocities has been puzzling for the rights activist. “When Ipresent my case to the US government, they ask me that if the problem were sobig, why India doesn’t say anything. I often wonder, are my resources greaterthan that of the Bangladeshi and Indian government put together, the RAW andCIA, the media of the world put together, that no one seems to notice thecrimes being committed against these religious minorities?”questions Benkin whohas been tracking instances of human rights violation against BangladeshiHindus since 2007. He pointed out that the UNO could not do anything to savethe Hindus and it is the Indian government which has to act fast to stopatrocities on the meager 15 million Hindu population in Bangladesh.

    “No one istoo small to make a difference,” is the motto that has kept the rights activistgoing, who believes that it is time Bangladesh and its neighbours tookcognizance of the ethnic cleansing and put a cog in the wheels of the licensedacts of violence.

    PS: charitra says: please visit his blog and thank Dr Benkin for his dedicated srvice to hindu cause.

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    Re: No such thing as moderate Islam

    The Cong govt of India itself is busy in ethnic cleansing of Hindus softly in India.They must be happy of future aspect of getting a non-hindu neighbour country.

    God save hinduism.
    Man-naathah Shri Jagan-nathah Mat-guru-shri jagad-guruhu.
    Mad-atma sarva-bhutatma tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.

    My Lord is the Lord of Universe; My teacher is the teacher of the
    entire universe; and my Self is the Self of all. My salutations at the lotus-feet
    of such a Guru, who has revealed such knowledge to me.

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    Re: No such thing as moderate Islam

    Ya,Aniravan is right.A big thanks to Gandhi(ahem...)ji,"PANDIT(as if!)" Jawaharlal Nehru and his filthy progeny.

    Other honorable mentions:
    Baburao Ambedkar.....I can go on,ad nauseum,ad infinitum.....

    So who else is(dutifully,I might add) wearing a t-shirt with "Narendra Modi for PM" written on it???


  6. Re: No such thing as moderate Islam

    There are Muslims in HDF using Hindu names, polluting Hinduism and Dharma Granthas, blaming the core of Hinduism and their own ancestors for wrong doings and have support of each other including the secularists to defaming the words of ॐ.
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