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Thread: Hare and Hara also E and A

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    Re: Hare and Hara also E and A

    I used to think that "Hare Krishna" refers to Vishnu, Rama and Krishna, but I read that the Hare Krishna mantra refers to Radha and Krishna. Is that grammatically possible? (I read in the Bhagavatam that there is a female goddess named Rama ..).

    I'm confused.

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    Re: Hare and Hara also E and A

    I'm sorry no one saw your question and this answer is so late. But you are right, it is grammatically possibel. Because of Sanskrit inflection Hare can very well refer to Rādhā. Harā pronounced with a long a on the last syllable refers to or names Her (nominative). Calling to or addressing Her (vocative) is Hare, as well as calling to Hari (Vishnu). So Hare can be calling either to Vishnu or Rādhā. I'm no Sanskritologist, but what I'm learning of its inflections and phonetics, this is one big reason why translations and interpretations can be so contentious.
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