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Thread: Naastic Christopher Hitchens, a hindu farewell to you.

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    Naastic Christopher Hitchens, a hindu farewell to you.

    A hindu farewell to atheist Christopher Hitchens.

    Farewell Sri Hitchens, from me as an individual who supports naastiks / atheists so long as they are reasonable. We know you will be back in your rebirth in a new body; your atman didn’t die. You will resolve all karmas and attain moksha in newer births just like all others do. Atheists are no different to Brahman. Namaste and may Brahman bless you.

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    Re: Naastic Christopher Hitchens, a hindu farewell to you.

    As an indian national daily headlined - "God of Atheism is Dead". The world has lost a very honest, very courageous, iconoclastic public intellectual with a very unique literary flair. I respect him. His face never seemed like he was 60+ though
    (best of Hitchslaps)
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