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Thread: A Doubt I've been Harboring...

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    Re: A Doubt I've been Harboring...

    Quote Originally Posted by Eastern Mind View Post
    Vannakkam Kismet: Nobody is wasting their time ... ever. The other day I had an odd subconscious dream ... it involved cold water, surfing, tipping boats, steering boats, and a bunch of other stuff in it. But also a former student was in it. One of those smart ones. So, out of curiousity I googled the name. She is now a doctor, and married. On the day after the wedding she shaved her head for a cancer benefit, and raised 19 000 dollars for cancer.

    But ... back when she was either 11 or 12 she taught me that bandaids are racist. I have never seen bandaids in the same light again.

    So we are all teachers, and we are all students.

    Aum Namasivaya

    Namaste EM,

    That's what I like to think too. That in a sense no effort is ever wasted. That we are on trajectories towards greater and greater knowledge and, eventually, bliss.

    However, I wonder if this isn't a byproduct of the Western mindset which, as Alan Watts once said, is prone to finding a reason for all its doings, and is incapable of suffering pure spontaneity and a surrender to meaningless. That some things are in fact senseless and random in this great cosmic energy-play.
    How can I put this in a sentence? Try next time.

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    Re: A Doubt I've been Harboring...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pietro Impagliazzo View Post
    The mind naturally tends to a materialistic, rationalistic, atheistic stance in order to propell ourselves into the world.
    Very true. I am beginning to think, also, that it isn't always necessarily Lust or Desire which causes us to return again and again to this material world. It may in fact be Envy. I have been recently struggling with this issue of Envy and seeing people happier than myself in all sorts of ways, and that this is somehow unfair.

    I know and understand that all these things are impermanent; that they will all evaporate in time and people will have no choice but to suffer the pains and pangs of their attachments. Intellectually I have a grasp on this. Inwardly though, I am still pulled by this Envy and sense of seeking.

    Still, won't Perfect Knowledge ever come up and show once and for all why coming back here is in the end wrong?

    I am caught up in too many "if only's" and "only ifs." Undoubtedly my Western mindset. Then again though the Buddha too was troubled at the propensity toward illusion and our attempts to break free of it, so maybe I am not so alone as I think.
    How can I put this in a sentence? Try next time.

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