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Thread: Is God Omnipresent as per dvaita

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    Is God Omnipresent as per dvaita

    Namaste folks!

    I am new to Dvaita....but i want someone with deep understanding of Madhwa -philosophy to clarify this.


    Since Vishnu is completely separate from Jiva.Is Vishnu onmipresent.If he is omnipresent then is Jiva a part of Vishnu ?If Jiva is indeed a part of Vishnu,how does this differ from V-advaita?

    About me:
    I have some knowledge about other schools like V-advaita,advaita etc.Guess that should not interfere with any of this.


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    Re: Is God Omnipresent as per dvaita

    Yes God is omnipresent in dvaita. He permeates his entire creation but is ultimately separate from it.

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