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Thread: Under the cultural matters section

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    Under the cultural matters section

    Hari Om,

    Namaste to all,

    Since this was from today, thought could be seen as just pretty cool, yawn, or article could help with some sort of discussion. Over all, thought article, whether 1,000 % accurate was positive. Additionally, through my bahen here at HDF, became familiar with "Across the Universe" and is on site and through this article, heard "Brainwashed" for first times. Worth to me to listen to through end.

    Here is link to today's article, entitled: Beady Eye and Rock’s Romance With Hinduism

    Om Shanti


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    Re: Under the cultural matters section

    Namaste FFTW,

    Thanks for the link. It was an interesting read and the video was something new to me.


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