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Thread: curious about Veda

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    curious about Veda

    Namaste everyone !

    I am a curious Youth from Nepal, the pious land of lord Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Gosainkunda, Damodarkunda and more. I love exploring and writing about various places in the Himalayas. So during my traveling days, I got a chance to explore Damodar Kunda which is considered as origin of Saligram river - Kali Gandaki. This is in a very remote part of the Himalayas above Muktinath. Gasainkunda is another site related with Shiva. This lake at 4,400m is believed to be created by Shiva's Trishula. Hence the river coming out of Gosainkunda is known as Trishuli. During 'Sagar Manthana' (Churning of Ocean), when 'Kalkut' poison was swallowed by Lord Shiva the lake was created to calm down the effect. Shiva plunged himself into the Lake of melting glacier to calm down the burning effect.
    Moreover, I have been to Mt. Kailash in western Tibet about couple of dozen times and got exclusive opportunity to photograph Mt. Kailash from extreme places.
    Through this forum I wish to share my experiences as well as learn more about religious significance of these places. I am also learning Ayurveda and Bastusastra. So I hope seniors in the forum will shed lights on these various ancient knowledge.

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    Re: curious about Veda

    Hari Om

    Namaste ITourNepal,

    So interesting introduction. Look forward to hopefully reading your posts here and sharing of your thoughts and experiences.

    Om Shanti


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    Re: curious about Veda

    Hari Om and Welcome!

    I am excited about the topics you present and look forward to your posts.

    Om Namah Sivaya
    Jai Hanuman!

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    Re: curious about Veda

    Namaste Himalaya,

    Welcome to HDF. What blissful journeys you have been on! I look forward to your posts.

    Jai Sri Ram
    Sanatana Dharma ki Jai!
    Jai Hanuman

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    Re: curious about Veda

    Namaste Himalaya,

    Pleased to meet you, welcome to the forum, I look forwards to hearing of your travels!



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