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Thread: Hitler and why Abrahamic soteriology sucks

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    Re: Hitler and why Abrahamic soteriology sucks

    Quote Originally Posted by sanjaya View Post
    Whether Hitler believes in Jesus and is saved or does not and is condemned, each of the Jews he killed ends up in hell for not giving up their religion and converting to Christianity. And that, I think, is the truly immoral part of Christian soteriology. .... But we do not believe that a non-Hindu will burn for all eternity due to theological error.
    I am living in a christian country and i really dislike this religion but to be fair i must say i never met a christian who belives or even knows that he must belive such hair raising theologies to be a christian. Apparently judging from this thread, Hindus know Christianity better than the Christians i know.
    Except some raving fanatics that hand out leaflets in the streets, nobody belives in adam and eve, original sin, heaven and hell or the existance of the devil. Or thinks that you have to belive in Jesus to go to heaven. (or even belives that there is a heaven or life after death) But if you ask them nonetheless they would say they are Christians. What that practically means is that they belive that there is a god, they have to marry in a church and service must be held when they have a child or die, and they think one should be a good person not steal and lie etc. because god said so, there is hardly anyone who would care so much as to privately say a prayer.

    Probably it is so that hindu and islamic society is that fanatic about all religious topics and so they think that everybody else must just be as preoccupied with religious beliefs in such an exaggerated way, and feel offended every other day and rant and rave about such things just as they do, so it is a cultural gap and some people cannot imagine how few Christians are interested in what kind of rubbish exactly is written in the bible. They may have a bible somewhere in the house their grand grand father bought, but no one is reading that book.
    Maybe in some parts of the USA this is different, in the so called bible belt. But one would be hard pressed to find anyone in Europe who would belief for one second that a Hindu or Jew would end up in hell and Hitler in Heaven.
    There will come a day when no one but Hindus and Muslims will be interested in what kind of rubbish exactly is written in the Bible and still take these idiotic superstitions from a long bygone age serious enough to rant on about it, when everyone else has already forgotten about this dumb book for ages.
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