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Thread: What did you just eat?

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    Re: What did you just eat?


    Green Spinach leaves, avocado slices and some grated Mozzarella cheese (made from partially skimmed milk), all rolled into a 100% whole wheat tortilla made for a nutritious lunch. It was topped off with a cup of home made tomato soup - nuke a small (or half of a big) tomato with a little water in a cup for 1.5 - 2 minutes, fish out the skin (which should have separated) with a spoon, try to smash the tomato in the cup into pulp (or cut into little pieces) with a spoon or a knife, add water to fill the cup and nuke again for a minute or so to bring it to a boil. Add salt and black ground peppers to taste.


    PS. The wrap contents may be augmented with chopped tomatoes/cucumbers. People with heart problems like to add a little chopped raw garlic too.

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    Re: What did you just eat?

    Hari Om!

    Breakfast: Mango Lassi
    Lunch: Banana given as prasadam
    Dinner: Homemade Sambar. Also tried to make Kaju Katli without success. Anyone ever made the stuff? Mine would never get beyond the soft stage. Still had fantastic flavor but was embarrassed to serve it as Kaju Katli "Soup".

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    Roti the form of Indian bred with palak paneer form of saag including dal and ghee.
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    Re: What did you just eat?


    I had a wonderful dinner consisting of brown rice, dal (yellow split peas), sauteed kale, tomato choka, and masala tofu.

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    Re: What did you just eat?

    I had a very yummy risotto with oregano, funghi and a Bit of saffron ( the fake one )
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