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Thread: Thought Controlled Computing

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    Thought Controlled Computing

    "Ariel Garten, CEO and Co-Founder of InteraXon, delivers a Talk at TEDxToronto 2011 on the theme of Redefining Consciousness."

    I'm a little scared of this.
    "The leprosy of unreality disfigured every human creature in attendance."
    - Charles Dickens

    "Every blade of grass, every insect, ant, and golden bee, all so marvelously know their path, though they have not intelligence, they bear witness to the mystery of God and continually accomplish it themselves."
    - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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    Re: Thought Controlled Computing

    namaste Arjunah.

    I was thinking specifically about this implication:

    If the brain can be made to communicate with the computer so the brain waves can be digitally read, then it should be possible to read a person's thoughts. And if this communication could eventually be made duplex, then the person can be brainwashed! If this technology matures into use of tiny wireless devises like those we see in a TV serial such as '24' or 'White Collar', many practising people will have a field day, the Hindu astrologers among them!

    The mind (brain in your parlance) can not only be controlled, but nourished, so autistic children could reap the benefits. Scientific studies into the spirituality of a person could become more and more credible, uniform and authentic. Eventually the entire human nervous system can be brought under control, and that, coupled with the researches in DNA for tissue replacement, could rejuvenate a person. And then there will be the inevitable wrong uses of the technology...
    रत्नाकरधौतपदां हिमालयकिरीटिनीम् ।
    ब्रह्मराजर्षिररत्नाढ्यां वन्दे भारतमातरम् ॥

    To her whose feet are washed by the ocean, who wears the Himalayas as her crown, and is adorned with the gems of rishis and kings, to Mother India, do I bow down in respect.

    --viShNu purANam

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    Re: Thought Controlled Computing

    Hari Om

    Namaste Arjunah, think this scares me as well. Following Saidevo's outline along with his ending..."And then there will be the inevitable wrong uses of the technology..."

    Even her type of "zeal' makes me uncomfortable. So much benefit and harm wrought by technology as utilized. Think this path continued is not good. Just another challenge.

    Om Shanti


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    Re: Thought Controlled Computing

    Namaste All

    It is interesting to observe her casual sweep of the hand through her hair as she announces her newly coined word, there is much pride and ego there. This is the fuel of Western Science. If as much thought went in to the bigger picture and the consequences of science, as goes into the desire for name and acclaim, science would advance so much faster.

    I am a little concerned for her health as it would appear that she may be suffering from an eating disorder.

    What worries me are the implications from within the field of advertising; considering that a large majority of the Western World are brainwashed to consume and compete. In a world that is already suffocating.


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