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Thread: Ekadashi,amabasya/purnima nishipalan

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    Ekadashi,amabasya/purnima nishipalan

    How to follow ekadashi and purnima/amabasya perfectly? what and how much food/drink allowed in such days?
    Man-naathah Shri Jagan-nathah Mat-guru-shri jagad-guruhu.
    Mad-atma sarva-bhutatma tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.

    My Lord is the Lord of Universe; My teacher is the teacher of the
    entire universe; and my Self is the Self of all. My salutations at the lotus-feet
    of such a Guru, who has revealed such knowledge to me.

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    Re: Ekadashi,amabasya/purnima nishipalan


    I can't speak on Purnima/Amavasya, but I try to follow Ekadasi as best I can. I believe that is all God asks.

    Ideally, however, the Ekadasi fast is without so much as water. The absolute restrictions, however, are: no grains (rice, wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn, and I think millet); no legumes (beans, peas, lentils, soy products); I would be wary of fried or sauteed vegetables unless known for a fact olive oil or ghee was used. Vegetable oil is soybean oil.

    I limit myself to milk, yogurt, some fruits and green vegs, and water. And even then I keep those to a minimum to the best of my ability. If one has a physical condition that would put health at risk, God does not want that. The fast is for man's discipline and devotion, God does not need a fast, nor does He want His devotees to suffer. This is my belief.

    Others can speak better on this, and maybe even correct some things I've said (hopefully before tomorrow ).

    This is what Vaishnava Calendar Services (I am lost without this) has for Ekadasi, Shivaratri and Amavasya on the US east coast:

    17 Feb 2012
    FridayEkadasi, K, 06:48 , Mula

    18 Feb 2012
    SaturdayDvadasi, K, 06:46 , P.Asadha
    +Break fast 06:46 - 10:22 (Daylight savings not considered) Note: I do not know what "Ekadasi preparations only" means.

    20 Feb 2012
    MondayCaturdasi, K, 06:44 , Sravana
    +Siva Ratri (fast - Ekadasi preparations only)

    21 Feb 2012
    TuesdayAmavasya, K, 06:42 , Dhanista
    +Break fast 06:42 - 10:20 (Daylight savings not considered)
    śivasya hridayam viṣṇur viṣṇoscha hridayam śivaḥ

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