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Thread: Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber

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    Re: Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber

    Pakistan supreme court to decide fate of Hindu woman in Muslim marriage row

    March 25, 2012
    Chaitra Shukla Trutiya, Kaliyug Varsha 5114
    The fate of a Pakistani Hindu woman who claims she was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married against her will is to be decided this week, after weeks of campaigning by the country’s Hindu minority.
    The case of 19-year-old Rinkle Kumari has outraged Hindus from her small town in the south of the country, where community leaders accuse Muslims of preying on Hindu girls of marriageable age.
    Some claim similar cases are helping to fuel a steady outflow of Pakistan‘s tiny Hindu community as families choose to move to Hindu-majority India instead.
    In a hearing beginning on Monday, the supreme court in Islamabad will try to get to the bottom of the hotly contested versions of events.
    The town’s Muslims, backed by a powerful local politician, say Kumari freely converted to Islam to marry her neighbour, Naveed Shah, on 24 February. But her father, a primary school teacher, is adamant she was abducted in the middle of the night from her house in Mirpur Marthelo, in Sindh province.
    “These people see beautiful young Hindu girls and chase them,” said her uncle Raj Kumar. “For 15 days Naveed Shah had been shouting at Rinkle, threatening to kill her only brother.”
    Her case has won support from members of parliament and attracted widespread attention in the Pakistani media. According to the Frontier Post newspaper, Rinkle was seized “for reasons based in sheer lust and debauchery”.
    Throughout the whole saga Rinkle’s voice has barely been heard, although both sides say she has made clear statements supporting their contradictory claims.
    Her family says that when she first appeared at a magistrates court late last month the tearful woman made clear she had been forcibly converted and wanted to return to her parents. But the court failed to record her statement and put her in police custody after hundreds of Muslim protesters surrounded the court.
    In a subsequent hearing – from which the family say they were banned – Kumari said she had freely converted.
    In a sign of the enormous tensions created by the case, the Hindu minority only succeeded in forcing the authorities to open a case on the issue by staging protests, with shopkeepers striking and demonstrators blocking a highway. The intervention of the Pakistani president, Asif Ali Zardari, forced the police to act, say protesters.
    Mian Mitto, the local member of parliament whom Kumari’s family has accused of being intimately involved in the abduction and conversion, dismissed her initial court statement. “She may have been emotional, it is only natural to be upset after seeing her parents in court,” he said.
    Mitto’s family control a nearby Sufi shrine which has a long history as a place where people come to convert to Islam.
    In his version of events Kumari had long been in love with Shah. Speaking at his house in Islamabad, he produced telephone and SMS logs that apparently showed the pair were in regular communication, although Raj Kumar insisted the family was too poor for Rinkle to have a phone.
    Whether she was abducted or went on her own volition, she arrived at the shrine late at night. Within hours she had converted to Islam and married Shah, Mitto said.
    Amarnath Motumal, from the Sindh chapter of Pakistan’s human rights commission, said many cases of forced conversion were covered up, but he believed there were at least 20 such incidents each month. He said: “They take them into these extremist madrassas and don’t let the parents meet their families, claiming the girl does not want to meet kaffirs [unbelievers] – her own parents.”
    Another recent case involves a female medical student who was allegedly kidnapped on the streets of Karachi. “These people want to stoke a war between the Hindus and Muslims so that we leave the country,” said Amarlal, chairman of the Progressive Minorities Commission, who uses only one name. “Local mullahs and fundamentalist people think that if they leave they can take their properties.”
    Only a tiny minority of Hindus live in the country after massive migration of Sikhs and Hindus out of Pakistan when the state was formed in 1947 to create a homeland for South Asia’s Muslims. About 3% of the population are Hindus. Some Hindu community organisations claim that about 10 families leave Pakistan each month.
    Source: Guardian

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    Re: Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber

    Sorry if I say something different about all of this, but I have to express my peaceful opinion on many comments.
    What happening in many countries because of extreme Islam is very awful for everyone. Look even in my country we recently caught a French man who convert to extreme islam and killed tree soldiers and many childrens in a school. All of this happened near my home and drove terror to schools for many days.

    But the first thing muslim people in France said was: "It is not our faith's fault."

    And I found this somewhat true.

    I would like to see where in the Quran is written the half of what they do, especially to womens. I saw in Egypt modern muslim womens very peaceful and beautiful, not wearing this integral thing that hide them from everything. In France, many muslim people don't treat people like they do in some "extreme" countries.

    What happen is not the fault of Islam. It's the fault of the extreme people who misanderstand their own faith, and turn it into something terrible to achieve their lust of power.

    Hate only brings hate. I will not hate the first muslim who come into my sight, saying "he is muslim, he destroy everything, he don't treat womens good ect..."

    I'm not saying there is a solution, I don't live in your country, but you're not the only ones who have problems with those people. In my country, hate for hate, we now have problem with racism, and it is sad, as many muslim are peaceful and assure their religion is peaceful too.

    I do not say to do nothing. Just to not hate everyone. Many are good, but bringing hate on everyone for some is not gonna help anyone...

    Aum, peace
    ~Aum Namah Shivaya~

  3. Re: Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber

    Quote Originally Posted by McKitty View Post
    Sorry we cannot understand you. Muslims are doing everything bad as order of Quran, true Muslims are true followers of Quran and there is no good mentioned in Quran.

    We know we feel what we are bearing from Islam and Muslims. Muslims are trying their best to cover the World Wide Web with their Islamic thoughts - describing themselves as peace lovers, and at the same time they spread message of Quran terror.

    One very important question for those who believe "only few" extremists are behind the terrorism and not all Muslims -

    Why the Majority of Muslims are not doing anything against these "only few" extremists? Who is responsible when even in Islamic Government is not willing to stop these "only few".
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    Re: Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber

    I'm in a christian country, what can I do for the extreme ones that make their childrens dumbs teaching them that Darwin is wrong and human tamed dinosaurs to ride on them ?

    More seriously, not every dutch people were nazis during WW2. Many, many of them did not agree at all with nazism and didn't even knew about alf the terrible atrocities Hitler and nazism commited. Still they did nothing, why ? Because "the few" had the power. They had the terror. When my country fell under the nazis, everyone was afraid. Nobody said anything. Even the man that was in command, he cooperated and did atrocities himself, putting mud in the name of my country. Yes in the end, many ordinary people became "marquisards", hiding themselves in nature and using every means and ressource to protect people and disturb nazis. But fear was there, always.

    All of this to say, do not underestimate fear. Muslim womens are beaten, throw alive in fires, raped, and still they don't say or do anything. Should I blame them for having their faith ? There are many and many womens among the muslims, why do they don't say anything, or take defense of those poor girls ? If they do that, what do you think that could happen to them ?
    Fear is one of the most quick and powerful way to take power and shut every resistance.
    In my country white women convert to islam by themselves and are not terrorist or extremist. In fact, most of them don't even care about other's beliefs. Should I blame them for choosing to wear burkas and living their life on their own ?

    I'm sorry, I understand your position. But still hate brings more hate. Aren't we all humans from the same place ? For me, whatever the name, God, Allah, whatever, it's the same being I am looking on. Still, the acts are from mens.
    Maybe I should plan to read the Quran more, but I'm sure I've seen far many exemples of "principles" extremists follows that totally contradict what is written in the Quran.

    I am not defending anyone, I know what happen is terrible and I am sincerely sorry about this...

    Last edited by McKitty; 28 March 2012 at 04:58 PM.
    ~Aum Namah Shivaya~

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