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Thread: Moksha, not Astral Plane

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    Moksha, not Astral Plane

    This observation will sound as from a simpleton to many on this forum, I fear. But to me, coming from the West, it is has a revelation. After much prayer, meditation and japa mala, I finally realize how much more wonderful Moksha is than even a very pleasurable life in the astral plane upon the death of the gross body.

    I knew that liberation from death & re-birth is ultimate goal, but my attachment to sense pleasures made the appeal of living a long but temporary life in my astral body on a beautiful astral plane too alluring. But of course the souls of those in their astral bodies are doomed to re-birth to this life of tears and sorrow. Only with Moksha will there be eternal bliss in union with God, not simply some great happiness.

    It is as though fresh air has entered my brain!
    Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha

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    Re: Moksha, not Astral Plane

    I am glad that you realized that! Wish you success in your journey.

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