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    hariḥ oṁ


    One may ask, yajvan, why all the attention for you on this tolerance (sahiṣṇutā&#185 ?

    For me, it falls into the group of niyama-s¹ ( observances) . It is tapasya - self-contol and tolerance. It is ahiṁsā - nonviolence in speech. Yet too it is śauca - cleanliness . How can it be this ?
    It is śauca that applies to one's mind. What one speaks it first comes in the mind, then to the tongue. So it is the cleanliness of mind to not generate anger or wrath in one's own mind, but also not in the mind of others. This takes some practice (tapasya), in this case my own.

    You see, these approaches need to permeate one's behavior in all conditions. Hence this is my practice ; yet I fall, and get back up. It is the getting back up that is the lesson.


    • sahiṣṇutā or sahiṣṇu is patience, ~ tolerance~.
    • niyama - control, restraint, management of the self ( small 's' intended here)
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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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