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Thread: the path of tolerance...

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    Re: the path of tolerance...

    hariḥ oṁ


    One may ask, yajvan, why all the attention for you on this tolerance (sahiṣṇutā&#185 ?

    For me, it falls into the group of niyama-s¹ ( observances) . It is tapasya - self-contol and tolerance. It is ahiṁsā - nonviolence in speech. Yet too it is śauca - cleanliness . How can it be this ?
    It is śauca that applies to one's mind. What one speaks it first comes in the mind, then to the tongue. So it is the cleanliness of mind to not generate anger or wrath in one's own mind, but also not in the mind of others. This takes some practice (tapasya), in this case my own.

    You see, these approaches need to permeate one's behavior in all conditions. Hence this is my practice ; yet I fall, and get back up. It is the getting back up that is the lesson.


    • sahiṣṇutā or sahiṣṇu is patience, ~ tolerance~.
    • niyama - control, restraint, management of the self ( small 's' intended here)
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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: the path of tolerance...

    Q. How did your parents react to theconversion?

    A. My parents actually never said much.In Bamberg, we were brought up with everyone trying to convert us. It was like“You have to go to church or you’re going to hell.” My mom would actually takeus to the churches and say “I want you to pay attention to this becauseeveryone has their way to God.” She is the one who taught us that you can’thave too much God in your life.

    So when I had theconversion, they never questioned it, they never said anything, and that’s whyI’m so protective of them because during the campaigns, people wanted me todeny the Sikh faith or say something negative about it, and I would never dothat because those are the people who raised me. The way they raised me wasperfect, and it made me who I am.

    We chose Christianitybecause of the way we wanted to live our life and raise our children — it hadnothing to do with me thinking there was anything wrong with the way I wasraised, and everything to do with the fact that I am moving forward in my lifeand had to find a path I felt was right for me.

    ………NimrataNikki Randhawa, AKA Nikki Haley is used toattracting more attention than your typical United States governor….

    The steady pressure applied on all immigrants during their school years especially in small towns has a telling effect on her and on Piyush (Bobby) Jindal, Gov of Louisiana. Sotherefore preaching tolerance to the most tolerant faith on the planet here is somewhat baffling, obviously there appear to have a lack of perception on your part, of the ground reality or some genuine confusion on the methodology applied by the abrahamics. For example, Devotee has posted both # 19 and #11 and one can easily deduce from them as to who needs to exercise restraint and tolerance and who has to protest. The two posts are mutually at loggerheads and, he could have remained silent on this thread. Europe was converted with a brutal and savage campaign, then the Africa and asia were partly converted with invasions and sustained pressure. A few years ago, the American delegation that went to North korea, on a non governamental mediation mission, has a fox newsreporter and a celebrity pastor by name William Franklin Graham in their team. You can figure what shape the future religious landscape of that land would take with all the potential conditional funding that would flow in there. The evangelilcals have infiltrated the highest offices of this nation and other nations. Indian politicians are bribed to the hilt to allow their way and convert the tribals and other poorer people merrily by thousands, all with money power. Tolerance is not a two way street for sure, hindus are preached and lectured how wrong thier faith is and how important and urgent that they switched.

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    Re: the path of tolerance...


    Thanks Charitra for putting it so eloquently. This thread really belongs in a Xitian forum. I am sure the intent for this conversation was right, but the plea needs to be made to Abrahamics, not to Hindus, except when they are the self loathing kind.


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