Matter or object is indispensable for existence of mind, for mind thrives on matter. Mind exists only as long as it is concerned with matter. As soon as it becomes objectless, it dies. The unit mind accepts unit objects around it as its objective or livelihood with the help of organs. The unit entity cannot conceive any integral, infinite object in its mind. Brahmn alone is integral, and other objects are but fractions.

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Few comments are so beautiful, just one exmple--
When you see that WHATEVER you are projecting (including the idea of Brahmn), thinking, explaining, visualizing, experiencing is within the ambit of YOUR mind and there is no way to come out or to reach at a satisfactory end- Truth may shine.
The present brain is always on the look-out for a safe refuge through ideas, conclusions, explanations. This refuge is the illusion.The illusion seeks a fulfilled state, a relieved state. Nothing can relieve the mind.