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Thread: Can you believe in Jesus and be a Hindu?

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    Re: Can you believe in Jesus and be a Hindu?

    Quote Originally Posted by Leena View Post
    I was wondering if you could consider yourself Hindu while agreeing with the teachings of Jesus without the rest of the Christian views, like eternal heaven/hell, belief in Satan, and anti-idol worship (I don't think Hindus practice idol worhip because all forms that are worshipped are representation of the same God. Anyways, if the Hindu forms of God are idols, then the Holy Trinity could be considered idols, and therefore would be idol worship, which is contradicting the Christian anti-idol worship belief.) . Is it ok to accept Jesus as an incarnation of Vishnu, even though he isn't listed as an incarnation with Rama, Krishna, etc?
    Come to my home. You will see photo of Jesus with other saints. Hinduism is suppose to the ocean for the different religion rivers to be absorbed.

    The difference is in the level of knowledge. That anyway you have in schools and universities. You move from the school level knowledge to University level knowledge.

    But if you stick to school level knowledge - it is your karma.
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: Can you believe in Jesus and be a Hindu?

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