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    हरिः ओम्

    Namaste kallol,

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    Dear Mana,

    After going through your post, I have a feeling that you are distancing God beyond our dreams even. The risk is that the interpretations may be quite different at higher level and lead to conflicts at lower level.

    Maybe we need distancing just a little from the Sun?

    I am sorry that you feel this way, I don't think that this is the case.

    This is the root reason as to why, I love Kashmir Shavism and the translations and explanations of Swami Lakshman Joo ...

    God Conciousness must be experienced as well as read about. It feeds our writing it feeds our minds and our hearts; It is that which inspires all creativity.

    There is an immense pleasure in reading, all the different descriptions of the Supreme and experiences of Śiva and those who have attained him.
    We might all strive to obtain and know this.
    Every attempt to describe this falls just a little short, how do you transfer multidimensional tecnicolour into verse text and script? So this evolves with us with time, as we evolve together as Humans, our conciousness as one.

    I see no distance from God at all in this view, it implies a need for closeness; maybe it is my use of English that is disturbing?

    I am trying to learn Sanskrit.

    I think that my interpretation of the word mokṣa will then be disturbing for you also, but amongst adults, a don't think we need to worry about linguistics causing any fights; or do we?

    I quite agree that one must respect the origins of dharma, this is essential. But I also believe that one needs actual experience of God Conciousness. In order to understand Universalism.

    As explained in our Kashmir Shavism, any one can experience this for them selves,
    and we can all strive for this.

    Universalism, to my mind, fits Kashmir Shavism perfectly.



    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Aum Namaḥ Śivāya
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