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Thread: How to get rid of hate?

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    Re: How to get rid of hate?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shivam View Post
    I find myself full of "hate" for "Islam". I don't know why am so much interested to read hate comments but I confess that my conscious never permits me to enjoy these stupidity , it seems that deep down in heart we want to win arguments and prove that we are better than Islam or else one just due to fools like Zoker Naik, Can we not pursue God in our own way, why don't Govt bans his speeches . In our constitution under article 19(1) with freedom of speech and expression their is clause 19(1)(a) which puts "reasonable restrictions" such as "public morality and order". Why our govt is blindfolded when it can create a hue cry over Cartoon of Dr. B.R Ambedkar that hurts other then why not over this stupid Zoker Naik. Every time I pop to my mails some muslim friends just forward me the bullshits ok Zoker Naik that I keep on deleting. I want God my own way. I think when I will have time I will disprove this stupidity of Islam from roots by point-by-point basis but "Not" on basis of "scriptures" but on "Logical" basis. I many times think to write a book on it. Now enough is enough. I just want God and me. I want my peace back I don't want any Zokers advice to know what is my God. I love Sanatan dharma so much that I feel sorry to even hate "islam".
    Namaste Shivam,

    God cannot be in the soul that hates. Perhaps that will give you motivation to conquer your hatred.

    A few other posters have given good advice, such as focusing on the opposite thought, probably being love, and to say "NO" when the thought of hate arises. Remember, these negative thoughts drag your consciousness downwards, while in spirituality you are aiming to go higher. Hatred is probably the most downward-pulling force in the universe, completely antithetical to love.

    Also, try to see God in all things, as all things are manifestations of God, even if they don't always act like it. It is ignorance that makes a person be hateful, angry, etc, so do not be dragged into the ignorance of your friends and others.

    Above all, remember God always. Chant, pray, meditatewhatever you have to do to keep centered on the thought of God.


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    Re: How to get rid of hate?

    hari o


    Quote Originally Posted by Shivam View Post
    I find myself full of "hate" for "Islam".
    No need to be too hard on yourself. This hate has 3 prongs to it:

    1. The urge to unite can come in two forms - love and hate.
    With love one wishes to embrace and unite; with hate one wishes to destroy that which brings about speration or distinction for this uniting to occur. So, ~hate~ can be a destroying mechanism to remove the resistence to some union.

    2. The things you do not lke in someone else ( either individually or as a group) are the things you would not do yourself.

    3. Hate can be fueled by the lack of sattva in one's intake. Now what is this 'intake' ? Surely it is the food one one takes in. Too much rajas or tamas will diminish sattva. Yet 'intake' is also the things we take in with our eyes, ears, etc. What we consume from books, entertainment, and with others that we may associate with. All influence one's disposition.

    So what is one to do ? Uplift one's self. If one thing could do this it would yama and niyama's taught by patajalis yogadarśana.

    A softening of the heart (compassion) will be groomed with the practice of ahisā अहिंसा we know as non-injury. Some call this non-violence. This infers to all beings ( even ourselves). At the ultimate level this ahisā when in full bloom brings no harm in thought, deed, word or action. This observance is substantial -to bring no harm to any being.

    Within the mahābhārata the ṛṣi tulādhāra ( tulā+dhāraḥ - who possesses or upholds balance, even-ness ) talked of ahiṁsā. He says, there is no duty superior to the duty of abstention from injuring other creatures. Of all gifts the assurance of harmlessness to creatures is the highest ( point of merit).

    The benefit here as I read it is very profound on a few levels, as tulādhāra-ji suggests the following:
    They that are seeking ordinary happiness practice this duty of universal harmlessness for the sake of fame; they that are truly skilled practice the same for the sake of attaining brahma. What ever fruit one enjoys by tapas or by yaja or practicing liberality (giving, generosity and broad-mindedness), by speaking the truth and by heeding wisdom may all be had by practicing the dharma of ahiṁsā.

    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: How to get rid of hate?

    Shivam Ji,

    I have tried the following with fair amount of success.

    1- Never communicate or act when I am angry about something . Delaying the response soothes lots of underlying emotions.

    2 - I admire Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi and have read extensively about him. If any circumstance arises that evokes hate or anger , I contemplate how would Bhagwan react to the same situation. Often that buries dark emotions.

    I am still in the process of improving my skill in this area - but I can vouch that I have progressed.

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    Re: How to get rid of hate?

    namaste Shivam

    I think it is also very helpful to have (or adopt) children and teach them to cherish Sanatana
    Dharma. Debate is impossible without a common accepted reference point or authority.

    Hari Aum

    Quote Originally Posted by Shivam View Post
    Ok , I will keep myself away from any more arguements , that will be good to me and the other person.
    With our ears may we hear what is good.
    With our eyes may we behold thy righteousness.
    Tranquil in body, may we who worship thee find rest.

    AUM Peace Peace Peace

  5. Re: How to get rid of hate?

    Quote Originally Posted by TouchedbytheLord View Post
    You are hurting yourself by letting them take up so much room in your head, devoting so much of your psychic and spiritual energy to them, arguing with them. Consider that they are trollling and baiting you. Those are no friends. It's not hurting them by telling them "please stop sending me these e-mails, I have no interest".

    I'm sorry if that sounds simplistic; I wish I could offer more.
    I agree with this, nobody need anything with argument with the haters in the name of not hating them.
    [CENTER][B][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=7][COLOR=Yellow] ॐ[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

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    Re: How to get rid of hate?

    As in hinduism, we have different layers of fitment, right from nastika, even in the world, the different religions are doing their duties to bring in some semblence of spirituality in the life of people, which forms the ethical boundaries.

    Just like, we also have kali youga, where most people are deviated from the prescibed path, similarly is with others. Some more some less. This are more dependent on the way the scriptures are interpreted or the maturity of the society.

    Not all of any religion is irrelevant, so goodness we see in people following those religions bears the proof behind this.

    Whenever religion is used as political tool, or religion and politics are mixed, then the true religion gets distorted. Then you have what was there in dark ages of Europe, the talibanism of the Islam world or extreme rightism of hindu sects or buddhism, etc. Now these cannot discount the original values, which was concieved yeons ago.

    Any path to TRUTH will have positives and negetives. Some more some less.

    There is no absolutely positive path in this complex samsar.

    So keeping this in mind, we need to look at whether we should castgate a total theory or castgate a total culture (which is more politically motivated) ?
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: How to get rid of hate?

    Vannakkam: In the psychology of getting rid of ignorance, (stupidity, anava) one suggestion is to educate. There is a negative racial slur in my country for 'East Indian' and it is loaded with a ton of ignorance. This ignorance or lack of knowledge builds into the 'ignorance' definition associated with rude and obnoxious behaviour.

    When students used this slur, I went into a detailed explanation of it's inaccuracies. One fact was that only 3% of all people associated with the slur had origins in that country.

    So much if this stuff is just remedied by education. But it is a process, a time consuming process.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: How to get rid of hate?


    I'm going to add one more thing only from a personal p.o.v. and experience. It expands on what I said earlier, and I just thought of it. But do take my ramblings wth a grain of salt.

    Some of you may remember my stories about the Sister-in-Law From Hell (yes, I have a registered trademark ). We've had a family feud over my mother-in-law's death and the subsequent disposal of the house (which I've maintained and kept my m-i-l in for 8 years lest she lose it). Anyway, I got to a point when I thought it was finally time to "bury the hatchet", as we say... yeah, bury it between my s-i-l's shoulder blades. Seriously, I tried to mend fences, but it turned to dookie.

    As I said before, it's negative, toxic energy and spiritually draining, but she doesn't know any better, but I do! All she has to work with and use is her ignorance, greed, and self-centeredness. By hating her as I did, I was committing hiṃsā. You know, hiṃsā is not only physical violence but violence in thought.

    But I've come to a realization, not because I am a saint or a buddha, that for all concerned, and it was and is hard to do, I pray for her. When I say the "Sarveshaam svastir bhavatu; sarveshaam shaantir bhavatu... " prayer, I think of her. Especially at the conclusion "Maa kashchit dukkha bhaag bhavet" because she is suffering and she will continue to suffer in this life, and most likely in her next life (you really have no idea how adharmic she can be; that's not a judgment, it's a fact!).

    Pray for those whom you hate, and for those who hate you. And no, "It Don't Come Easy". On some days it's certainly harder than others, I will not lie about that. Especially in these cases...

    Oṁ śānti śānti śāntiḥ
    śivasya hridayam viṣṇur viṣṇoscha hridayam śivaḥ

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    Re: How to get rid of hate?

    Hate is just another of the many flavours in the pot.

    You will only get rid of it if you want to.

    If you indeed want to, you will already be on the path toward overcoming it.

    If you don't want to, but keep thinking that you do want to, then your path has no destination.

    If you don't want to, then you can relax and understand the purpose of hate. All things have purpose, not just those which are light / good.
    If you found out that you were god, dreaming a life for yourself, and that you were identical with the external world, you would ask yourself: "So, what would I have happen to me in my life? what would be my perfect drama?":cool1:

    You died, and death was complete freedom from suffering - bliss. But it very quickly got lonely and repetitive in bliss, so you decided to be born once more. You've been doing this forever.

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