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Thread: Question about criticism of "the Impersonalists"

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    Re: Question about criticism of "the Impersonalists"


    I want to clarify a thing: a gaudiya-vaishnava who really understands gaudiya-vaishnavism does not hate Advaita Vedanta and advaitins.

    A few months ago I did read a book that contains lessons by my prospective guru,who is a direct disciple of Srila Prabhupada.

    In that book,my prospective guru says explicitly that "mayavadi are not monsters" and have the right to choose their spiritual destination.


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    Re: Question about criticism of "the Impersonalists"

    Hare Krishna,

    Philisophical difference does not make someone less and the more knowledge and elighment is always expressed by the means and modes of LOVE. Lack of love is actual sign of ignorance.

    Hare Krshna

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