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Thread: Sikhs protest BBC presenter's claim

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    Re: Sikhs protest BBC presenter's claim

    So,does it mean that the Gurus of khalsa panth wasted their life fighting Islamic barbarianism for nothing , can a sikh deny the fact that Guru Nanak was not a hindu? How can one deny the History?.

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    Re: Sikhs protest BBC presenter's claim

    Quote Originally Posted by IcyCosmic View Post
    Mr. Singh seems like a very ignorant man. Alot of these sikhs are starting to infuriate me now, in my area there are loads of Sikhs, there are flags outside most houses, and every lamp post on a certain street has orange flags on them (to protest : Rajoana) keeping in mind I live in ENGLAND, not INDIA.

    To say that Sikhism wasn't influenced by Hinduism at all is REALLY funny, and alot of sikhs here say that proudly and with lots of arrogance, all the learned sikhs know that most sikhs these days do not conduct themselves in the proper manner. There is too much ego, false pride, and arrogance that they are above others.

    People are suffering from EGO, and some Sikhs have a lot of it. If you read Guru Granth Sahib then one would find references to Hindu Dharam, Karam, Vedas, and Stories from Vedas. How can one say that Sikhs are NOT from Hinduism. If you read GGS clearly One would find that Guru Granth Sahib is expansion of Gita.

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