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    I am a qualified linguist. My interests are: historical linguistics, Sanskrit and Vedic mythology. My particular interest is in studying Vedic - Slavonic (particularly Russian) parallels in language, culture and religion. I would like to clarify from the start that I do not uphold the German induced theory of "Aryan invasion" however there is an undeniable affinity between Eastern - European languages and Sanskrit which requires explanation. I would like to invite you to discuss the following fact:

    In Russian the word veda does not require translation. It is used in common speech and means "knowledge". Moreover, there is a verb vedati "to know" and it is conjugated as follows: (I) vedaju; (you) vedae
    ; (he, she) vedaet; (we) vedaem; (you pl.) vedaete; (they) vedayut. In Old Russian there were also forms of dual which had the endings -ve, -ta and -te. Dual forms are obsolete but they are still used in Slovenian and some other Slavonic languages. What do you think of this?

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    I love languages. I did know a bit about the Indo-European language link and the Vedas but not the parallels in culture and religion. I dont believe in the Aryan invasion theory either and as conspiracy theorist probably spend much too much time on it. You might enjoy reading: - Secret Brotherhood is my favourite part. I think it explains so much more about WW2 and German Engineering. I'm fascinated by Hitler but don't want to scare you away. - The Nine Unknown Men - The entire book if you're interested.

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    Shanti ji, thank you! Frankly, I am reluctant to discuss conspiracy theories. I am interested in matters that unite people and not divide them. There are so many truly fascinating paralles in language, religion and culture and even genetics that unite Hindu and Slavonic peoples! I would prefer to discuss them. This is my path of finding satyam. सुभमस्तु
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