Please...Some Hindu asked westerners not to intervene vehemently on the treads talking about Bharat politicals/religious/cultural issues. I cannot argue you are totally wrong on a cultural tread about Bharat, because I am no expert, and as Hindu you know more about it.

I will still have my personnal opinion and express it, but I will certainly not try to prove you absolutely wrong because, being Hindu, you are daily facing this cultural particularity, know how your family/friends/people around you behave with this cultural particularity.

Please, consider too that concerning a part of nowadays western culture, the culture I'm born in and live in, I certainly know what I am talking about. And if I am no expert in Bharat, you are not expert of France, or Germany.

Yes, it is also and mainly for non religious people because of hygiene issues. Some men find that useful because when they pee, there is no piss that touch the skin or stay between the skin and the penis. Other mens have problems because their skin is too thigh, or not enough long, and they suffer daily because of the clothes and when they erect. That's another reason why some men prefers to do this.

I am not making that up, this is true, and it's pretty common for mens in my country, and in some european countries, to do that for these reasons, regardless of religious reasons.

This is a part of my culture, my country did not react to it because it's a common thing and not considered barbaric when men choose to do it, that's all.

Doing this to a little child without his consent is not good, I agree. But if a man choose to do it, religious reasons or not, I don't see any problems.

I know there's no fight attended but I'm surprised by the answers of some Hindus. I mean, it's certainly choking in your country or culture, I can understand. But you are no expert in my country, nor in my culture, so why saying "you're lying" so vehemently ? I wouldn't take any time to made something up for a so stupid subject.

Go to any french forum talking about the subject, it will comfirm what I'm saying. I respect the personal opinion of everyone, but remember that if I'm not proclaming myself knowing Bharat better than a Hindu, you don't have to proclaim yourself knowing better France than me.