Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu,
Guru Devo Maheswara,
Guru sakshat ParaBrahma,
Tasmay Sri Guruve Namaha!

Om Gurumurtayae Namah - Salutations to one who assumes the form of Guru!

To reach God people take various paths. Some Meditate Some sing praises of the Divine (Bhajans) Some do abhisekam, alankaram (Puja) Some Choose Seva. All paths are right and lead to the ultimate Divine. And Some People choose Guru.

Guru's are said to be KALKI AVATAR who come in Human forms to teach principles and truth. Guru is the link between human and the God. Guru listens to our prayers sees our sufferings,needs,wants and molds us to be a better person for our self and for the society.


Guru increases the maturity of mind to understand, realise and attain God. The first step being Unconditional Love!

A beautiful example of Unconditional love is GHO mata! who not only gives milk to her calf but also the entire world. Not thinking that her milk is only for her child but for the entire universe. Its easy to attain God but one who finds a good Guru and holds on to him/her in all circumstances is said to have mastered all!

It is very hard to say whether Guru is Superior or God! because Guru is that form of Divine that comes down to Human level and tries to nurture us to bring us to divine's level. Guru is God, God is Guru! DAIVAM - MANISHA - ROOPANAE! (god in human form).

To have found such a GURU and have the faith and devotion to SURRENDER to the soul praying that - GURU this is not my body neither my soul, nor my life to live. This body, mind, soul is yours. Keep me pure, away from maya, understand the ultimate goal of my life - Serve others and become ONE WITH U!

Guru never forsakes his children. Guru might push you away from top of a hill but he wont let you fall. He will pull the right string and always keep you safe. And with surrender of our thoughts,words,deeds we come one step closer to the Divine!

Just as Arjun held tight to his GURU Krishna even in the toughest times I pray that we all get a Guru who helps us understand and achieve the ultimate goal of our life. BECOMING ONE WITH THE DIVINE!

Your life is turned meaningful only by the good deeds done in your life!