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Thread: what about Maa Kāli ?

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    Re: what about Maa Kāli ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ShivaFan View Post
    Sometimes Kali has come to a very few, of which in the histories of three saints I have heard in story including Trailinga, where Kali came before a human in the form of a young girl.
    Vandanam. Can't recollect just now where i'd read this, but Kalika devi had come as a small kid 6-7 years old to Shri Ramakrishna during his Bhakti bhava. And She had held his hands like a small child and both had played.

    Shri Ramakrishna, of course, used to sing Shri Ramaprasad's poems and songs in which Ramaprasad used to think of himself as Her son and argue with Her.

    Their bhakti bhava is awe-inspiring and humbling, to say the least.

    Ma had come to Annada thakur as Adya maa, initially asking him to retrieve HER antique and undamaged vigraham from Eden gardens. Then a couple of days later, again to tell him that he must take a photo of Her and then drop Her into the Ganga, which he didn't and refused to. She then had to come to him in a series of dreams and had to resort to threatening, coaxing, pleading with and finally convincing him by giving 16 logical reasons as to why he must do as what She had said. He finally did what She had asked. The Adyapeeth is a unique temple in which Shri Radha-Krishna's shrine is present alongwith Adya ma's. Generally, they are never there together in the sample complex.

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    Re: what about Maa Kāli ?


    Some very good links have already been posted
    in reply to the original question, and the avoidance of needless
    conflict is always commendable, but there is an aspect of
    this thread which has created an excellent opportunity
    for reflection for me: that is, the words I write here, or speak
    aloud elsewhere, no matter what else they may have been informed by,
    are authoritative concerning one thing only; the "state of mind"
    as experienced by myself at the moment of writing or speaking...

    Taking birth necessitates imperfection of three things- perception,
    apprehension, and communication. Successfully remembering this
    has been of great value at various times for me.

    Whether a rope or a snake, sometimes the best course of action
    on my part has been "none".

    || ą¤œą¤Æ ą¤®ą¤¾ą¤¤ą¤¾ ą¤•ą„€ ||

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    Re: what about Maa Kāli ?

    For a brief article that gives a partial but meaningful insight into Mother Kali, check this out.

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    Re: what about Maa Kāli ?

    If you have a devotion to Shri Durga already, it shouldn't be much of a jump to worship Maa Kali, since they are one and the same Mother. Kali shows her fierce face to the demons (the negative states of mind) to drive them away, so that there will be nothing left but peace. Think about Kali as a gale force wind, which would be foolish to resist directly. The only way to come into her presence safely is by submission, that is, by bowing down. Kali enables complete submission to divinity, the complete removal of the weapons of the enemy. Make your home in her darkness, and she will show you the way. You will see that, in the interior darkness, that darkness and light are one. There can be no division of opposites in Her care, for she opens the door to non-duality. I would recommend Kali Puja, by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, which has many Kali prayers and profound philosophy. Worship will teach much more than words ever could.

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    Re: what about Maa Kāli ?

    Sri Matre Namaha.

    Should some one be scared or afraid to worship Maha Kali?

    Yes there is a reason to be scared when our intentions are evil otherwise nothing to worry, in fact one can be rest assured that no one can grant what Maha Kali can grant.

    With reference to Bhuvaneswari Kaksha Puti Granda I quote the below lines.

    Pratyangira, Artharvana Bhadra Kali, Sarabha Kali, Dakshina Kali and Tara are called Pancha Kalika Vidyas and are considered to be extremely fruitful in Kali Yuga. However these are termed as Ugra Vidyas, so one must be careful while invoking any of these.

    The Siddis of these Vidyas when abused would back fire in this birth itself to the extent of one becoming insane and loss of everything.

    It also states that the Sadhaka of any of the Pancha Kalika Vidyas should be extremely faithful to his wife and should treat every other female as his mother.

    This way I can conclude that there is no need to be scared of Kali worship when our intentions are clean.

    Sri Matre Namaha.

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    Re: what about Maa Kāli ?

    Just remembered
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    Re: what about Maa Kļæ½li ?

    How would you explain a form to a blind man? For a blind man all forms are the same? Does that mean a blind man who never saw a beautiful ganesha or krishna would not process beauty? Or just because you can see colors and he cannot,you are more spiritually aware than him? Beauty and joy lie in our self and not in our perception of this external realm of senses.

    Why do you think nuclear power is billion times greater than chemical power? Itā€™s because nuclear power deals with what goes around in the inner nucleus whereas chemical power deals with plain external reactions. Likewise the more you dwell on external forms of Krishna or kali or durga you will likely end up enlightened, but to the puny degree of chemical power, billion times lower in comparison to meditating on their deeper inner self,equaling nuclear power. You see a lot of people focussing on forms ending up spiritually bankrupt and with a lot of ego and self deception. Focussed solely on cultural morals which they ascribe to God himself, they live in a delusion that they would get liberated and worse they even try to condition other people just to force rub their illusion on others. Time and again this has been a norm in Christian evangelism and its sad many cults even in Hinduism are following suit. That is the reason why you find one real Ramakrishna vs millions of normal men parading as gurus.We have to go beyond forms to the great inner self in the small recess of our hearts,which is intangible,unknown, yet creates this big, big, very big manifest world. Even though the size of the hydrogen atom is in nanometers the power of the hydrogen bomb is in gigajoules!!That inner self is trillion times more powerful and more fundamental than this visible universe. But since we are accustomed to a certain conditioning of culture we tend to downsize everything to suit our thinking. When people were given prismatic glasses which make them see the world upside down, they started to see the world upside down even after removing the glasses! Which proves its not the eyes but its the brain that processes this whole illusion and it is this brain conditioning due to which we are scared of fierce forms of Kali or Narasimha but love Krishna or shiva or durga!

    Kali is the supplement as time to devi bhuvaneshwari who is space and gives the power of movement and facilitates to the souls to finish their journey in this space for self realization. If there is no time, just the three dimensional space, imagine what would happen? Everything would be static as in vacuum and nothing would move or act. Real meditation on mother kali is thus,not meditating on her 4 armed form laced with skulls. Imagine someone with a terminal illness..every second takes him closer to death. He is always in fear of the unexpected. And that fear is what exactly is represented by her fierce awe inspiring form with skulls and weapons. If the same form gives you happiness it means you are step up on the path to liberation. She is the fluid time that devours everything including the trimurtis as an eternal consequence of transformation. And her form is indeed scary because the very fact that you are scared means you need to decondition yourself by focussing on the self and she is the first step to that and better she makes you aware of this maya through your own fear. When you focus on the self where is the question of kali or Krishna? You will understand that they are two sides of the same coin. Attractiveness and ugliness are just our perceptive terms which push us deeper into this illusion whether we attribute them to each other or to god himself.

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    Re: what about Maa Kļæ½li ?

    good post ajreddy. I found it very interesting.

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    Re: what about Maa Kļæ½li ?

    I am a Kali Devotee.... Only thing I can say is that, I always find her smiling face, I can never find anger in her face...I see her face at least thousand times a day at my heart... may b that's my dream, but if I close my eyes and can't see her smiling face... I start feeling... why am I alive!!!

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