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Thread: India in London Olympics 2012 The Tradition of the Rifle

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    India in London Olympics 2012 The Tradition of the Rifle


    India will be represented in London by Abhinav Bindra
    Sport: Rifle
    Birthdate: 9/28/1982

    The fact that India has excelled in the rifle is no coincidence. India has a long tradition of Arm and Small Arms production, with world famous Factories and arms, the rifle, and My "second home" Calcutta Kolkata is renowned.

    Abhinav won the Gold in 2008. I hope to see him at his best this year.

    Of course all the world knows of the Ishapore Rifle Factory Calcutta-Barrackpore ... See

    Today India produces probably one of the top, if not top Army signature light machine gun assault rifle in the entire world, the INSAS Standard rifle (5.56†mm), now standard issue the Indian Army.

    Jai Hind

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    Re: India in London Olympics 2012 The Tradition of the Rifle

    London olympics were fabulous. Tke my hat off to London!

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